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This F.A.Q section is to give answers to our clients question before contacting us.

Note: Our transfer balance starts from $2000 – $4000 for $450 fee and that is the minimum.

The customer must pay %100 before working with us.

Please do not beg us for free transfer as we will block you for life.

Please do not use vulgar words on our admin.

We offer money transfer service worldwide.

We have been in this hacking industry for more than 20 years now and we have been operating since late 1999 to early 2000.

A lot of customers do ask this question when they contact us and the answer is NO, we don’t sell money. If you read our home page carefully, you will know how and where our transfers are coming from

We have already hacked bank account as a result of worms and virus we spread online and we authorise transfer from these accounts with our sophisticated tools

You can easily receive money from us by contacting our admin and indicating the amount of transfer you need, send payment accordingly and provide your account details to receive transfer.

Our transfers are %100 safe for our clients use, We use sophisticated tools to execute these transaction and we delete transfer logs when its completed so no tracebacks.

We transfer to virtually all the countries worldwide hence there is bank institutions.

Our Transfers are clean, untraceable and undetectable so no issues whatsoever with either the bank or LE

NO, regular clients have a slot to order 4 times per week while our VIP clients order 10 times per week to different accounts.

To be Eligible to Become one of our Associates, you must have made Transactions with us a number of 15 Times, which then will make you benefit special privileges.

We are in a league of our own and we don’t affiliate with any entity. Our website remains and we don’t share trade or correspondence with any other hacking team.